Aladdin Tools


You have to use the cutting products you have purchased with the necessary safety precautions and compliance requirements.

You should use our water chopper products with the required cycle and water cooling.

Before the saw is attached to the machine; The shaft flanges and general controls of the machine must be meticulously made.

The saw core diameter and the main motor shaft diameter to be installed must be within the working tolerances. (+ 0.05mm)

After the saw has been disassembled and installed, it must always be reinserted in the same position.

The direction of saw rotation must be observed and always in the same direction.

The flanges on the motor side and on the saw side must be of the same diameter, with the largest possible flange diameter on the saws.

Pay attention to stocking of Diamond Saws. The best method is to hang it vertically from the saw core.

Diamond saws and their cutting performance are affected negatively from imprecision to required voltage values caused by extreme hot and cold weather.

Diamond cutters; The appropriate material should be used. Otherwise, either the segments will wear out very quickly or reduce the cutting speed. Therefore, the stones to be cut should be planned, and appropriate segments should be used.

For sections with small contacts, the feed rate must be reduced, otherwise the beads of the diamond wires will have excessive wear.

The difference in diameter between the beads should not exceed a maximum of 0.2 mm, otherwise a rope jam occurs.

During operations wıth diamond wires, rounding and tapering of the beads should be prevented.

During the operation of the diamond wires, the rope tension should be adjusted to 250 - 300 kg.

Sinterize diamond wires need to run below 2-3 m / sec than normal environmental speeds when opening.