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Privacy and Security Policies

All services provided by Aladdin Tools are registered to  İTOP OSB 10008. Sk. No:1135470 MENDERES / İZMİR, and belong to  NERGİS TİCARET which ıs run by our company.

Our company can collect personal data for various uses. Below is how the conditions are met to collect such data, what the uses are, and how the security is kept of the personal data.

All the personal data (name, surname, number, email)   on the forms filled through the website (Aladdin Tools) by the customer are collected and kept due to the nature of our business.

Our company may send new product information, promotions and deals to its clients. Our clients may choose to be omitted from such news after they conclude their initial business.

 During the confirmation period that is through our website or email, no personal information provided by the clients on an electronic medium will be disclosed to a third party unless the use of information aligns with “User Agreement” that was approved both by our company and our client.

 To recognıze the problems in the system and to swiftly solve any issues or inconsistencies, our company records and uses our clients’ IP addresses. IP addresses can also be used to have a general definition of our clients, and collect comprehensive demographic data.

Personal information provided by our clients can be used to stay in contact. They can also be used to make some statistical assessments, data base and marketing survey without disclosing the identity of the provider. 

Our company Aladdin Tools guarantees that we will do our best to keep personal information and identity private, never disclose any information with a third party, and prevent any misuse of information.

Credit Card Security

Our company Aladdın Tools values our clients’ credit card security first and foremost. Your credit card information is not recorded or kept in our system under any circumstance.

There are two ways to understand whether you are in a trustworthy website after the transaction starts. One of them is the existence of lock or key symbol in the bottom part of your browser. This shows that you are in a secure website, and all of your information is encoded and secured. The information you provide is only used for transaction through the instructions given that you have complied with. The credit card information in the transaction is encoded and transferred to the related bank independent from our website through 128 bit SSL (secure Sockets Layer) protocol. If the credit card is acceptable by the bank’s standards, then the transaction proceeds. None of the information in regards to your credit card information is viewed or recorded by our company, so no third party gains access to your information.

Our company monitors the legitimacy of online credit card information such as transaction/billing/address against Credit Card Fraud. Because of this, for the first time clients who order from our website, to reach the supply and delivery stage, their financial and contact information must be approved for validity. For approval, the owner of the credit card, client or the related bank is contacted if need be.

While filling out any form for your order or preview, the client is the only one who can reach or change the information. As long as the clients protects the information they use, it is impossible for a third party to reach or change personal information. For this purpose, 128 bit SSL security zone is used during order and transaction and filling forms for personal information. This system is an international encoding standard that is impossible to decode.

Nowadays, online shopping websites with verse lines or customer service and open address or contact information is much more preferred. By this way, you can have all your questions answered with detail and reassure yourself with the reliability of the online sender company.

Note: We recommend that you be careful about the online shopping websites you use have open contact and address information. If you are planning to do online shopping, note the address and phone number of the company you are receiving your order from before you complete the shopping. If you have doubts, call the company before you gıve personal information. In our online shopping websites, all of our company information, Aladdin Tools, is explicitly given.   


Our company will secure your identification and credit card information that we have received by credit card mail-order with respect to confidentiality principle. These information is held for 60 days as a warranty against any problem that may arise with the related bank, then is destructed. There is no risk for you as you have the right to object to you bank in the case of a wrong transaction where you are charged differently from what your order costs in your mail-order that was approved by you.


Aladdin Tools can give links to other websites within our website. Our company bears no responsibility towards the content and security principles of the websites reached through these links. The adverts on our website is distributed to our users through our advertiser business associates. This Confidentiality Agreement only comprises our Aladdin Tools website, and does not involve any other third party websites.


The conditions below are the only exceptional situations when our company can disclose information to third parties unrelated to Privacy Policies. These are;
  1. To abide the laws, delegated legislations, regulations or provisions of law made by competent legal authority.
  2. To abide the policies approved by our company and the client such as Privacy Policy, Return and Exchange Policy, etc.
  3. To abide the requirements given by an authorized officer to aide an investigation or a research.
  4. To protect the clients rights and safety.

In your emails to our website and company’s customer service, never put any of your credit card information. The information in emails is accessible to third parties. Our company does not guarantee any security for the information given through emails.


Our company can receive information about our website’s viewers, users and customers through a technical communication file called cookie. These cookies are small text files sent by website user to its browser, and they are secured in primary memory of a computer. Cookies save the most used preferences about the websites that the visitors choose, and makes it easier to use the website.

Cookies also track the number of visitors, the purpose of the visitors, and the amount of time the visitors spend in the website after which these statistics are used to create dynamic adverts and contents. Cookies are not for receiving data from your primary memory, email or any other personal information. Browsers are usually designed to accept cookies initially, but if you wish to you can change your preferences to omit cookies when you visit a website or send you notifications.

Our company has the right to change the regulations of our Privacy Policies at any moment in time and notify the visitors by either email or republish in the website. In the case of a re-publishing, the new Privacy Policy takes effect the day it is published.

For any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact our customer service in our website or send us an email. Our company’s contact information can be found below.


ADDRESS: İTOP OSB 10008. Sk. No:1135470


PHONE : 0232 - 799 03 15