Aladdin Tools




Thanks to our advanced R & D department and technology production park, we have manufactured products custom to our clients' needs, and thus, the labor force and time savings of our customers have continuously increased.

In our factory, with a high production capacity of 7.000 m2, our principle is to manufacture all types of products our sector needs with the best quality. Our developments in the fields of import and export offer great support to both domestic and foreign customers in terms of product range and fast shipping.

Natural stone sector also plays a very important role in the social and economic life of our country. The main goal of our establishment is not only to meet the requirement of consumables but also to improve the natural stone sector and enhance our country. We are proud to carry our sector forward with our R & D studies in this field and to be the best solution partners for our customers.
Evaluating the new demands related to dealership; dealers, construction and intermediate wholesale companies, we are the most reliable solution for all of our business partners, and will continue to be so in the future. As we work to win new customers, our R & D efforts and innovations to increase the workforce of our current customers are always ongoing.